Michigan Felony Defense Attorney

Felony charges are scary and require an experienced Defense Attorney to advocate on your behalf. A Felony is the most serious classification of criminal offenses in the State of Michigan. With a felony conviction, a defendant can be sentenced to a term of imprisonment. The loss of freedom and harm to one’s reputation are potential consequences of being convicted. Therefore, a Defendant should not confront a felony charge without a competent and dedicated attorney. Our attorneys provide the experience necessary for a defendant to move successfully past the Court System and continue on with their lives.

The potential for a felony charge is initiated by Police or Law Enforcement investigating a possible offense. At that point, the police will submit evidence to the prosecuting attorney who will authorize charges. Lastly, a warrant is issued by a Judge for the arrest of a defendant and a Felony case has begun.

Standard Hearings for a Felony Case.

  • Arraignment on Complaint (District Court)
  • Probable Cause Conference (District Court)
  • Preliminary Examination (District Court)
  • Arraignment on Information (Circuit Court)
  • Pre-Trial (Circuit Court)
  • Trial (Circuit Court)
  • Sentencing Hearing

Being charged with a Felony does not equate to the offense remaining on your record. If you are being investigated or are charged with a felony, it is pivotal that you contact an attorney. By retaining an experienced Defense Attorney as soon as possible, you enable your Attorney to determine and implement a strategy to achieve a favorable result. We understand that hiring an Attorney is not an easy decision; however, DeMatteis and Ricciardello, PLLC is comprised of knowledgeable Attorneys who will assist you or your loved one with any criminal offense.

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