Robbery Legal Services

In the State of Michigan, the crime of robbery is a specific type of theft crime. The act of robbery occurs when a person uses force or the threat of force to commit a larceny from another person. Robbery is in a different classification of theft crimes, because unlike shoplifting, identity theft, and larceny, it involves violent threats. Robbery whether armed with a weapon or unarmed is significantly more severe than other theft crimes, and the consequences reflect that.

The more severe consequences are directly related to the fact that the person accused of committing a robbery, placed another member of the community in harm, due to the force or threat of forced used. Sentences for robbery, whether armed or unarmed, usually result in a prison sentence. Judge’s are sworn to protect the community and if you’ve been convicted of robbery, you’ve been convicted with harming a member of that community. It is imperative that immediately upon being investigated or charged with a robbery crime, the matter be addressed by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Employing the proper criminal defense team and strategy be the difference of walking out of the courtroom or walking into a prison cell.