Uttering & Publishing

In the State of Michigan, Uttering and Publishing is an off shoot of Forgery. The acts of Uttering and Publishing occur, not when a document as listed in MCL 750.248b is actually forged, altered, or counterfeited, but rather when the document is presented as true. For the prosecutor to achieve a conviction against the accused these elements must be proven, beyond a reasonable doubt. First that the document in question is a forgery. Second, that the accused represented that the document was true, and that they offered or presented the document. Third, that the accused, at the time of presenting the document, knew that it was a false document. Lastly, that the accused, intent was to defraud or cheat the person or establishment where the document was presented.

Uttering and Publishing is a very serious felony and if convicted you could be facing a lengthy jail or prison sentence. For a first offense the maximum amount of time in prison that one could receive is 14 years. Also, if convicted you will have a felony on your record which involves dishonesty. This can adversely affect your future in very serious ways. If you are charged with the crime of Uttering and Publishing, it is critical to have an experienced team of Criminal Defense Attorney’s on your side. Our criminal defense team has years of experience defending individuals charged with Uttering and Publishing crimes.

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