Sex Crimes Legal Service

In the State of Michigan, sex crimes are often referred to as Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC). In short, Criminal Sexual Conduct is called Rape. There are numerous forms of CSC, all of which are extremely serious criminal charges, and these accusations place your life and freedom in jeopardy. In general there are 4 degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct. First Degree is a felony punishable by up to life in prison and life-time placement on the Michigan Sex Offender’s Registry along with electronic monitoring. Second and Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct are both felonies and carry significant jail or prison time, along with placement on the Michigan Sexual Offender Registry. Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct is a misdemeanor, however, a conviction under this statute is just as serious as you can face incarceration and Sex Offender Registration.

Sex Crimes in Michigan are some of the most serious charges, this is overly evident by how Michigan Prosecutor’s treat them. It is imperative to have a team of Criminal Defense Attorney’s on your side to review and attack the evidence against you. Our Defense Team has many years of experience defending individuals charged with all types of sex crimes codified in the Michigan Penal Code. Having the right attorney(s) with the right approach to your case can be the difference between freedom and prison.

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