Home Invasion/Breaking and Entering Legal Service

In the State of Michigan, home invasion is commonly referred to as breaking and entering. You can be charged with home invasion or breaking and entering even if force is not used when entering a dwelling. Entering a dwelling that is occupied or unoccupied through an open door can be grounds for being charged and convicted of home invasion. There are varying degrees of home invasion/breaking and entering.

The most serious form occurs when a dwelling or home is occupied, and force or violence is used to enter that dwelling. A home invasion conviction regardless of the degree, can result in a misdemeanor or felony conviction with the consequences ranging from minimal jail to life in prison. A home invasion/breaking and entering conviction can cause great hardship on an individual’s life. It is imperative that when one is charged with a home invasion/breaking and entering, that they have their matter addressed by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Employing the right criminal defense attorney and the proper tactics can make all the difference in the case.