License Restoration

In the State of Michigan, a person whose license has been suspended, revoked or denied due to alcohol and driving related convictions, needs an experienced attorney to regain their driving privileges. If you were convicted of 2 operating while intoxicated charges within 7 years or 3 operating while intoxicated charges in 10 years, you are a habitual offender in the eyes of the Secretary of State. If you are convicted of 2 OWI’s in 7 years you must wait one year before you are eligible to apply for reinstatement. If you are convicted of 3 OWI’s in 10 years, then you must wait 5 years before you are eligible to apply.

Before you have a hearing in front of the Michigan Secretary of State you will have to compile necessary information for submission with your Request for Hearing Form. You will need a 10-panel drug test, Substance Abuse Evaluation, evidence supporting your sobriety, 3-6 support letters from family, friends, coworkers who can attest to your sobriety. There are numerous requirements associated with this process and improper completion will result in a denial of your petition. It is important for an experience license restoration attorney to prepare and file the request for hearing and accompanying documents.

Once the necessary documents are submitted you will receive a hearing date scheduled by the Secretary of State. At this hearing, you and your attorney will have the opportunity to present evidence to demonstrate that you are responsible and capable of being a safe driver. Additionally, the goal is to ensure that the community is not in danger with you back on the road. The hearing officer will ask questions to assist them in deciding on whether you should receive a Michigan Driver’s License. If this is your first time applying and the hearing officer grants your petition, you will receive a restricted license. You will then be required to install a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) in your vehicle for a year. After completion of a year with a restricted license without any violations, you can petition the Secretary of State for a full license.

It is imperative to have an experienced license restoration attorney to ensure that you have the best opportunity to have your license reinstated.