Felony Firearm


MCL § 750.227b defines felony firearm as a person who possesses a firearm when he or she commits or attempts to commit a felony. The penalty for a first conviction is a mandatory two years in prison. Additionally, a second offense is a mandatory 5 years in prison and a third offense is a mandatory 10 years in prison. The prison term for a felony firearm conviction must be served consecutively to any other jail or prison sentence. Therefore, an individual convicted of Felony Firearm must serve the full length of their sentence for the Felony Firearm before being eligible to start serving any other sentence. For example, an individual convicted of felony firearm first offense and felonious assault with a firearm must serve the full two years in prison for the felony firearm before starting their sentence for the assault.

Felony Firearm is a serious criminal charge and its consequences can affect an individual and their family for life. Due to the sentencing requirements of a felony firearm conviction, which carry a mandatory prison term, it is imperative that you hire an experienced criminal defense team.