Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge in the State of Michigan is understandably an overwhelming time in your life. At DeMatteis & Ricciardello, PLLC, we are here to ensure you, that you are not alone. Our team is equipped with experience in the Michigan Criminal Courts and a genuine passion for criminal law. It is our goal to present your case to the prosecutor and jury to secure the best outcome for you. Whether that outcome is a dismissal, a not guilty verdict or another outcome that achieves your goals. The effect that a conviction can have on your life can be equally devastating. In Michigan, a criminal charge has severe consequences.

Drug Offenses

A potential drug charge in the State of Michigan, even if it is your first offense, should be taken very seriously. Depending on the type of drug in your possession and the amount determines what type of charge the prosecutor will bring against you. At DeMatteis & Ricciardello, our team is experienced in every drug case and understand the ways in which the prosecution will view your case. Our knowledge provides us the insight on how to prepare your defense strategy and diligently represent you throughout negotiations or at trial.
In the State of Michigan there are numerous drug offenses. The way in which the prosecution will charge your case depends on the type of drug and its drug schedule classification. All of the scheduled drugs carry a potential for jail time, driver’s license sanction, and a drug conviction on your record.

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Operating While Intoxicated

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving it is imperative that you act quickly. Insuring that your rights are protected is of the utmost importance. Do not immediately assume you are guilty. Being charged with a DUI is different than being convicted of a DUI. At DeMatteis & Ricciardello, our team is experienced in Drunk Driving defense. We know what evidence must be brought forward by the prosecution to obtain a conviction as well as strategies to attack their case.
There are numerous Drunk Driving charges in the State of Michigan. All of which carry a potential for jail time and significant license sanctions.

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Traffic Violations

At some point during every driver’s life, they get a pulled over and receive a ticket. Most, upon receipt of a ticket, just pay the fine. Come to find out later, that ticket carried “points” which can create several driver’s licensing and insurance issues. Some traffic tickets in Michigan are Misdemeanors, depending on the offense. A Misdemeanor is a criminal offense and the penalties are more harsh than a simple traffic ticket.

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In Michigan, a Criminal Charge has severe consequences

  • Jail or Prison
  • Probation
  • Punitive Fines and Court Costs
  • A permanent record
  • Inability to retain employment due to criminal record
  • Suspension or termination of professional license(s)
  • Potential immigration issues

Whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor that you are facing, the attorneys at DeMatteis & Ricciardello, PLLC are committed to the defense and representation that you deserve. Our attorneys have the necessary experience with judges, prosecutors, and the Courts to successfully secure the best result and allow you to get back on the right track.

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